This page is to provide a means for the exchange of arguments and views on daseinanalytical topics. A discussion (perhaps with contradictions, agreements and disagreements) prior to the 9th IFDA Forum, would allow  all of us to have a common reflection, so as to avoid finding ourselves simply listening to isolated and unrelated monologues during the  Conference.

Within the place of this discussion forum, various topics could be developed.

Every one may propose a topic, depending on one's interests and on what he/she considers important for Daseinsanalysis and psychotherapy in general.

A dialogue before the Forum could be a suitable preparation for it and everyone can follow, participate and contribute.


16/12/2014 08:54
[proposed by Thanasis Georgas] Heidegger’s Socrates: Being on the Way Once we are so related and drawn into what withdraws, we are drawing into what withdraws, into the enigmatic and therefore mutable nearness of its appeal. All through his life and right into his death, Socrates did nothing...
02/01/2015 12:57
[proposed by Miltos Theodossiou] There are two pictures, I think, in the IFDA, two different pictures of the human being and the human suffering. We can sharply distinguish them, though the differences may not be always as sharp as I present them. But this will encourage, I hope, further...
28/01/2015 12:42
[Proposed by Danielle Pisani de Freitas (ABD - Brazilian Association of Daseinsanalysis)]  The practice of Daseinsanalyse, being characterized as phenomenological-hermeneutical, presupposes language. Certainly, the therapeutic process of Daseinsanalyse drives us into a path in which we...
04/01/2015 11:33
(Proposed by Ado Huygens, president of IFDA).    It is not so easy to gather several countries beyond a theory to favour atmosphere and togetherness.  What is the core of the aim of IfDA’s forums ? 
16/12/2014 08:53
[proposed by Thanasis Georgas] In the first line of the “Entry of Daseinsanalysis” (Entry for the Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy), we can see: “Daseinsanalysis is a mode of psychotherapy that is phenomenologico-hermeneutical”. Allow me some thoughts and questions...
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